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Little Cakees came to me in 2003; and has brought me endless joy and entertainment, but especially love. Her sweetness inspired me to write about her exploits–the most mundane of which is a light in the darkness. The idea of putting down these thoughts came to me when someone close to me was ill and found that there was very little help for their particular disorder–I thought maybe Little Cakee’s joy of life could make a difference and possibly enable us to work towards a free clinic in Michigan in the future. Little Cakees joins me in dedicating this book to my loving family and friends with whom I spend most of my time. They have shared their ideas and have supported us both in this book (and they give Little Cakees lots of treats).


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Cynthia Dicosola, aka my Momee, is writing a book about all of my fun and adventures. Lizee, my sister, is going to draw pictures of me for my book and I’m very excited to see them too. I can’t wait to read my book because I love being a star!

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